Major Investment in Netball Facilities

We are pleased to announce that Wests is investing in the construction of a new netball clubhouse to support grassroots female sport. This significant improvement is part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing community facilities.

For the past 44 years, the West Leagues Netball Club has operated out of a modest shed with inadequate facilities. The new purpose-built clubhouse, located at the western end of the New Lambton Bowling Club site with access from Tyrone Road, will transform the club’s experience, providing a safe and comfortable environment for over 500 players across 50 teams. This facility will include modern amenities, benefiting players, coaches, umpires, parents, families, Wests Netball Executives, and the wider netball community.

This project underscores our dedication to investing in grassroots female sport by creating a safe and inclusive environment. Additionally, the redevelopment will turn currently unused land into a fully functional community space. The improvements also include resurfacing six Council-owned netball courts to ensure player safety and enhance the quality of play.

Sam Poolman, Wests Board Member, former Wests Netball Junior, and former local elite athlete who captained the Australian Team in the 2018 Fast 5 Netball World Series, shares her excitement:

"This investment in a new clubhouse and upgraded facilities is a game-changer for our netball club and community. As someone who played for Wests as my junior club and now works closely with community and pathways netball, I know how crucial it is to have a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for all our netball community to thrive. I acknowledge the hard work of the netball executive and members of Wests Netball for making the club what it is today. I share my excitement for this project and how it will greatly benefit our community by providing the facilities that have been much needed to support and grow the sport for all."

We look forward to keeping you updated on this development.

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