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32 Degrees South Web

32° South

Great tasting quality meals at a great price.

Wmf0067 Ada May2 1280X854

Ada May Pantry

Offering a range of sweet and savoury treats and a sandwich shop specialising in made to order sandwiches.

Bay Brasserie Nb

Bay Brasserie

Looking for your family favourite or some fresh local Port Stephens seafood? Plan a visit to Bay Brasserie today.

Bay Gelato 1280 x 854

Bay Brasserie Gelato Bar

Channel your inner child with deliciously creamy gelato and a topping of sugary goodness.

Nelson Bay Bay Cafe 1280X854

Bay Café

Nelson Bay’s casual dining destination is Bay Café with a delicious range of savoury and sweet treats available.

Bay Diner 1280 x 854

Bay Diner

A delectable selection of bistro classics awaits diners on the ground floor.

The Bistro 1280 x 854 Bistro Meals


Delicious hearty meals at enticing prices… that’s what you can expect when you order from the Bistro.

B Fast on Terrace mywests 1280 x 854

Breakfast on the Terrace

A breakfast spread of assorted healthy options to start your day. Available for The Executive Inn guests only.

Wmf0067 Iron Kitchen2 1280X854

Cast Iron Kitchen

Paying homage to this city’s foundations, the Cast Iron Kitchen offers an extensive selection of hearty meals

Choc Cafe Website 1280X854

Chocolate Cafe

Dessert heaven really exists. You'll find it at the Chocolate Café, Wests New Lambton.

City Espresso 1280X854

City Espresso

A casual dining destination where you can have your cake and eat it too!


Emporium 88

Enjoy fresh food, fast! Emporium 88’s pizzas, burgers and fried food will keep your hunger at bay.