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3 steps to download your digital card

Step 1

Visit the Wests Membership Portal and download your digital card

Step 2

Follow the prompts to add the card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay™

Step 3

Access your Digital Wallet & scan to save.

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Still have questions about the digital membership card?

What is the purpose of the Wests digital membership card?

You can use your digital members card to gain entry to all clubs and scan your card to earn discounts, points and bonus offers. Your digital card will be regularly updated with your points balance and is available as a branded Wests or Newcastle Knights card.

How do I download and add my Wests digital membership card?

Visit the Wests Membership Portal and follow the prompts to add the card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay™.

Why my digital membership card has a blue background?

If your card has a blue background you need to come to any Wests Club to get your identity verified by one of our friendly staff. Bring the ID you used when you became a member and after the verification process you can start using your card and enjoying your membership benefits.

Your card background is also blue when your membership has expired. If that is the case, renew your membership by visiting the Wests Membership Portal or at any Wests Club.

I am using a Samsung/Huawei/Motorola/Nokia mobile which option do I select when downloading the card?

Any smart phone user, not using an Apple, should select “Add to Google Wallet”.

I have downloaded my digital membership card, but I cannot see it in my phone wallet app?

Try downloading your card again. If you receive a message, it is already added but you still cannot see it you may have missed to Add the card (top right hand side on Apple Wallet or below the card on Google Pay™) or you may have multiple Google accounts enabled. Check your wallet account setting by clicking the icon in the top-right hand corner and switch to any other Google accounts where your card have might been added.

How do I change the theme / design of my digital membership card

Visit the Wests Membership Portal > Update details section and you will find the option to switch between Wests and nib Newcastle Knights Card designs.

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