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Our Community

The Board, management and staff of Wests believe we are an integral part in the makeup of the community of Newcastle and the Hunter region. We understand our business is intrinsically linked to the growth of our region and we believe that being a good corporate citizen is more than just contributing financially to a cause.

Wests supports the community by providing a valuable place of employment for more than 1000 local people. We offer a variety of positions both full time and casual for all types of staff. We have a solid traineeship program and have an excellent working relationship with the education providers in our area including schools and secondary educators.

Through our everyday business operations there is also an obvious flow-on effect in the Hunter as we maintain our operations over five sites. We do our best to purchase locally when we can and we provide hundreds of auxiliary positions in this region.

Many older members of our community also enjoy the social and health benefits gained whilst pursuing their favourite entertainment or sport either partly or fully sponsored by Wests. We provide entertainment for our older patrons through tea dances, member's functions and other daily entertainment options. When we plan our facilities we take their special needs into consideration.

Our commitment to health includes the operation of five fitness facilities – including Balance City, Mayfield, Nelson Bay, Cardiff and our original facilities at New Lambton.

We are well known in Newcastle for the promotion of sporting endeavours of the community through a range of projects and amenities. We believe that many talented youth reside in the Newcastle area and that to reach the pinnacle of success in their chosen sport, they need support in the areas of both training and finance.

Wests has set up and/or fostered the following subsidiary clubs:

  • West Senior Football Club
  • West Junior Football Club
  • West Schoolboys Football Club
  • West Senior Netball Club
  • West Junior Netball Club
  • West Senior Basketball Club
  • West Senior Cricket Club
  • West Junior Cricket Club
  • Lambton-New Lambton District Cricket Club
  • Wests Indoor Bowls Club
  • Wests Hockey Club
  • Wests Social Golf Club
  • Central Newcastle Swimming Club

These sub clubs provide sporting opportunities for thousands of children and adults. It is the honorary work of Wests’ members that allows these organisations to carry out their work for the community. Without the support of this club, junior sport and dance could not exist within the Newcastle area.

Wests has a good neighbour policy whereby community liaison meetings are held on a monthly basis with our close neighbours to address any issues they have with being in such close proximity to a club.

Wests practices responsible service of alcohol and gaming.