​Club Entry Requirements

Dress Rules

Wests Club Dress regulations apply to all members and guests entering Club premises and whilst in general areas of Club facilities. To maintain the high standards enjoyed by our Clubs the following dress regulations apply to all patrons:

The following items are not permitted - offensive clothing, untidy, dirty or torn clothes, gang colours, swimwear, hoodies, dirty work clothes/boots. Footwear must be worn at all times for safety reasons. Helmets must be removed whilst on Club premises. Caps must be removed if requested by staff.

Please make note of these requirements when visiting the Clubs as we reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who cannot adhere to these rules.

For Club Dress By-Laws click here.

Under 18’s Wests House Policy

If you are bringing a minor to the Club who is not your child the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing defines a responsible adult as:

  • A parent, step parent or guardian of the minor;
  • The minor’s spouse or any person who ordinarily lives with the minor on a permanent and domestic basis, or
  • A person who, for the time being, is exercising the rights of the minor’s parent, step parent or guardian.

Anyone under 18 years of age is to be in the constant care of their parent, guardian or responsible adult. Children are not allowed to be in a bar service or gaming areas.

Please check signage or ask a staff member if you need assistance.

Customer Care Medical Emergency Policy

The Wests Group Australia is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all members, visitors and employees whilst they are on the premises of Western Suburbs (N’cle) Leagues Club, Wests Mayfield, Wests Nelson Bay Diggers, The Executive Inn, The Gateway Inn and Balance Health Clubs.

The following are ways in which Wests fosters its Customer Care Medical Emergency commitment:

Communication Systems
  • Installation of a Medical Emergency Alarm System including strategically placed alarm buttons located throughout the premises
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Medical Emergency Alarm System
  • Senior First Aid trained employees equipped with Medical Emergency Pagers are available throughout hours of operation
  • Organisation and maintenance of an effective communication system
  • An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located at each site for use in 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest' situations
  • First Aid Equipment stationed in administration, all kitchens, gyms, receptions desks and behind all bars
  • Ongoing maintenance of first aid equipment
First Aid Training Programs

Dedicated medical officers on each shift with current first aid training including CPR and AED training

Training of personnel to respond to medical emergency situations and to administer first aid, providing additional supplies and training of personnel in complex first aid equipment

Development of Policy and Procedure
  • The development, maintenance and communication of procedures for handling accidents and medical emergencies
  • Designation of responsibility at the operational level
  • Post incident procedures in place to ensure continuity of care
  • A high quality system of reporting and record keeping

For further information about the Wests Customer Care Policy please do not hesitate to contact the Service and Facilities Manager on duty or send your comments to Human Resources via our Comment Card System or post to: Wests Administration PO Box 72 NEW LAMBTON NSW 2305.

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