Building Safe Havens

The Wests Knights Foundation has partnered with progressive community housing provider Housing Plus to support survivors of domestic violence. The Foundation has committed a significant initial investment of $300,000, which will be dedicated to the development of two purpose-built properties in the Hunter region.

The properties will adopt the Core and Cluster design model, which is the gold standard in supported crisis accommodation. This model moves away from refuge style communal living, providing women and their children with the privacy and protection of independent, fully self-contained units. The units are clustered within the development to facilitate state-of-the-art security, while core social services are available on-site to ensure families receive the care they need as they journey through trauma towards recovery.

The Wests Knights Foundation is excited to be frontiering this new standard of care in the Hunter region and looks forward to partnering with Housing Plus and specialist local service providers to ease the burden and impact of domestic and family violence. The Foundation is committed to supporting survivors and creating a safer community for all.

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