The Nelson Bay Boot Scooters began in 1996, moving between venues until 2000 when Nelson Bay RSL (now Wests Nelson Bay) became the stable home of the club, providing them with permanent venue to dance.

As a not-for-profit club, Bay Boot Scooters is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers that work to bring people together for exercise, socialising and fun. The club still enjoys dancing to their typical country music but also have expanded their repertoire to include top 20 hits and waltzes.

The Wests Group supports the Bay Boot Scooters by providing a venue within the Auditorium every Monday night. In addition to this, the annual Boot Scooting Event is held at the venue of three days every June long weekend for a whole weekend of Boot Scooting fun.

Come and join in on the fun with line dancing on Monday's at The Auditorium, Wests Nelson Bay.

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