We are delighted to spotlight the remarkable achievements of Wests Cricket Club during their 98th season of senior cricket competition.

Running a club with 16 teams and over two hundred players, primarily though the efforts of volunteers, is no small feat. Our volunteers have been instrumental in managing digital platforms, coordinating practice, developing player skills, servicing corporate partners, and running social events - essential components that sustain the day-to-day operations of the club.

Off the field, Wests Cricket Club's engagement with the community through junior cricket skills clinics, entry-level Cricket Blast programs, and holiday activities underscores our commitment to fostering a love for cricket among the younger generations. Our enduring relationship with Wests Junior Club, established over three decades ago, promotes continuity, ensuring a seamless transition from junior to senior levels, thus maintaining a high retention rate.

As we look to the future, enhancing our infrastructure remains a priority to support the growth of both Junior and Senior clubs. Investments in new practice facilities, capital equipment, and maintenance are crucial to creating an environment that nurtures and develops talent, benefitting not only our clubs but the wider community passionate about cricket.

We take pride in our longstanding support, spanning over forty years, dedicated to nurturing cricket in our region.

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