The Nelson Bay Rock n Roll Club is a not-for-profit incorporated club dedicated to promoting Rock n Roll dancing, various other dance stylers, and fostering a vibrant social community with a mission to provide a welcoming environment for dance enthusiasts to learn, practice, and enjoy dancing together.

Founded by Mike McKenna, the Nelson Bay Rock n Roll Club began as a Dance Sub Club of the Nelson Bay RSL Club (now Wests Nelson Bay). Together with Anne McKenna, Keith and Diana Barnard, Sue Hughes, and Cliff Morgan, Mike formed a committee to promote and grow the Rock n Roll Club. Today, Keith and Diana are qualified instructors who teach for the club. Since it's inception, the club has rapidly expanded, consistently maintaining an average of ninety members each year.

The Wests Group supports the Rock n Roll Club by providing a venue within the Auditorium at Wests Nelson Bay every Tuesday and Wednesday night. In addition to this, the annual Rock n Roll Festival is held at the venue over three days every October with this year being the 24th year anniversary.

Come and join in on the fun with social dancing on Wednesday nights from 7pm and Dancing Lessons on Tuesday nights from 7pm. Find out more here.

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