$14.90* Winter Savvy Savers

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Winter $14.90* Mid-Week Specials

Warm up this winter with our delicious mid-week Specials! From Monday to Thursday, Full Wests Members can enjoy a different hearty dish for just $14.90* with our special menu, designed to bring you warmth and delicious flavour to your week. Not a Member? Unlock this special price.

Monday: Sausages & Mash
Kick off your week with our savoury sausages served on creamy mashed potatoes, topped with rich gravy. A classic comfort food that's sure to satisfy.

Tuesday: Lamb Shank & Mash
Treat yourself to a tender, slow-cooked lamb shank paired with our smooth mashed potatoes. Perfect for a cosy winter evening.

Wednesday: Corned Beef & White Sauce
Mid-week calls for something special! Enjoy succulent corned beef, complemented by a velvety white sauce. Full of flavour and comfort.

Thursday: Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pasta
Wrap up your week with our creamy chicken mushroom pasta. Tender chicken, fresh mushrooms, and a rich, creamy sauce over perfectly cooked pasta.

Join us any mid-week day to savour these delicious specials. At just $14.90 each, our Winter Mid-Week Specials offer the perfect way to enjoy a warm, satisfying meal without breaking the bank.

Come in and warm up with us this winter!

*T&C's apply. Members price only available to full Wests members from 3rd June - 29th August 2024 at Wests New Lambton, City, Cardiff, Mayfield and Wests Nelson. Regular sized meals, while stocks last.

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