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Online Games

Challenge your family and friends with fun and competitive online games. We've done the hard work for you and listed our favourite online games to keep you entertained.

These games are free and help stayed connected to your loved ones no matter where they are!

1. Words with Friends

Improve your spelling skills and expand your vocabulary with Words with Friends 2. This scramble-like game involves placing tiles horizontally and vertically on the boards as you take turns with your opponent. Score more points than your friends and connect with your Facebook account or create a profile.

2. Mario Kart Tour

This timeless high adrenaline game includes racing around unique courses whilst you compete with up to seven other players. You can collect special items including bombs and bananas along the course to give you an advantage over your fierce competitors.

3. House Party

Houseparty allows you to group video chat and play various games including Trivia, Heads Up! and Quick Draw without leaving the app! Battle against up to eight friends on your mobile phone with plenty of engaging games to choose from.

5. Cards Against Humanity

This hilarious card came is now available to play online with friends or strangers across the world. Simply Google 'Cards Against Humanity' to take part in a game, create your own or play anonymously. Play by completing fill-in-the-blank sentences (the black cards) with your funniest phrases or words from the white cards. Players will judge each round and pick their favourite and witty responses.

6. Overcooked!

A chaotic virtual cooking game which can fill the hole of social dinner parities. Overcooked! involves waiting on, seating and cooking for all kind of guests but with strange twists to keep you on your toes. Simply Google 'Overcooked!' in your browser and begin the excitement.



In line with government-imposed restrictions all Wests clubs are temporarily closed effective from 5pm Thursday 5th August 2021. Daily advice provided by the Australian Government Department of Health is being monitored and responded to accordingly. All Wests clubs will re-open once advice is received that it is consider safe and restrictions can be eased.

The Executive Inn, Newcastle will remain open as it is considered an essential service and will operate with limited facilities and in a Covid-19 safe manner.

The Gateway Inn, Newcastle is also considered an essential service however we have made the decision to temporarily close this hotel until restrictions can be eased.

For more information, click here.