Kids At Wests

1280 x 854 WNL kids Play Ground Web Tile
New Lambton

Welcome to the Treehouse Play Zone at Wests New Lambton!

Open from 10am to 10pm every day, the Treehouse is designed to spark imagination and entertain the little ones whilst you kick back with a drink and a bistro meal. With its vibrant colours and multiple play zones, leave the kids to play in a safe and interactive space where they can explore, climb, and have endless fun.

Once the kids are tuckered out and ready for some food, they can have their choice from the kids menu where they will receive a free drink and entertainment pack!

Note: Kids menu differs from each club. You can view the menus for each club here:

Wests New Lambton - The Bistro

Wests Nelson Bay - Bay Brasserie

Wests Cardiff - The Kitchen

Wests Mayfield - Cast Iron Kitchen

Wests City - 32 Degrees South

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