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Hotel Hacks Website

Whether you're traveling for work or enjoying a well deserved holiday, these helpful hacks will make your next stay a breeze!

Be prepared for your next trip (whenever that may be) and reduce any minor inconveniences before they occur. Here are our top hotel hacks to make things more efficient:

1. Clip your keys to your phone charger so you never leave these behind again!

2. Use a mug to amplify your phone's speaker when playing music

3. Close the pesky gap between your blackout curtains with the little clips on a hanger.

4. Use the steam from the shower/bathroom as a steamer for your clothes.

5. Ask the front desk for a charger if you've forgotten yours (someone has probably left one behind).

6. Let the hotel staff know about special occasions so they can accommodate your exciting plans.

7. Travel with a power board so you never have to choose between the lamp or the clock.

8. Use the dry cleaning bag as a dirty clothes bag for when you leave.



In line with government-imposed restrictions all Wests clubs are temporarily closed effective from 5pm Thursday 5th August 2021. Daily advice provided by the Australian Government Department of Health is being monitored and responded to accordingly. All Wests clubs will re-open once advice is received that it is consider safe and restrictions can be eased.

The Executive Inn, Newcastle will remain open as it is considered an essential service and will operate with limited facilities and in a Covid-19 safe manner.

The Gateway Inn, Newcastle is also considered an essential service however we have made the decision to temporarily close this hotel until restrictions can be eased.

For more information, click here.