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Backyard Games Website
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Set up a space in the backyard and prepare to compete with these fun and kid friendly outdoor games. The whole family can get involved or play amongst a pair.

1. Handball

This game can be played from at least two or up players and requires one small ball and a court with two or more squares. The person in 'Kings' must serve the ball allowing it to bounce once within their square and once within their opponents. The receiver must hit the ball to another player and they must bounce it back.


2. Water balloon fight

Choose your battle and dodgeball game with water balloons and a facet. This simple activity is ideal for those warmers day and multiple players.


3. Lawn bowling

A soft flat patch of grass provides the grounds for this competitive game. The goal is to roll biased balls as close to the smaller ball (named a jack or kitty) as possible. The player who can get as close to the ball wins!


4. Ring toss

This game involves lining bottles side-by-side and standing a few metres away ready to play. To win, you must toss a ring onto one of the bottles before the other players.


5. Croquet

The objective of croquet is to hit plastic or wooden balls with a mallet through six hoops on a grass field court. The first one to get the ball through the various hoops win.


6. Jenga

Using either hand at one time, players must tap a block to find a loose one and remove blocks without knocking the tower down. The first person to knock the tower down loose.


7. Badminton

This activity involved two players (either singles or doubles) taking positions on opposite sides on a rectangular court divided by a net. Players can score points by striking a shuttlecock with their racket over the net onto the other sides court.


8. Swingball

Swingball is consists of two players using racquets to strike a sponge or tennis ball attached by string to the top of a vertical pole. This pole is anchored by a heavy base and does not move during the game.



We are open and look forward to welcoming you on your next visit. Due to the current local COVID-19 climate a number of our food and beverage outlets are temporary closed. Find out more: bit.ly/3liPkxx

As the safety of our members, guests and staff remains paramount, we have updated our Conditions of Entry to reflect the local COVID-19 climate. It is a condition of entry that you must be double vaccinated and masks are mandatory from midnight, 23 December to enter all Wests club venues.

Get proof of your vaccination via the My Gov website. If you are medically exempt you will be required to present your medical contraindication certificate before entering our venues.

As per the NSW Government, businesses may continue requiring customers to be fully vaccinated and request to see proof of vaccination as a condition of entry to protect the well-being of staff and customers.

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